How Pure Love Changed My Life 


It really all comes down to love.


And when you explore love, in all its beauty and complexity; it actually becomes clear that love is simple. Love is wholesome. Love is pure.


It took me over 30 years to truly learn how to love my Self.


I lived, I lost. I loved and I cried.


I accepted behaviors from loved ones that were not acts of love. I thought I loved myself but my actions and the actions I allowed from others tell a different story.


One thing that really changed my life was a chart. Yes, a chart.


This chart here:

It opened my eyes to the predictability and patterns in abusive relationships.


When I first encountered the chart in a Facebook post (by a friend that I've since thanked for helping me change my perspective and my life), I started to observe my interactions with others and I suddenly saw these patterns clearly unfolding.


After a time of observation, I was abie to make some changes and found the courage to set boundaries to protect myself from the abusive behaviours I had allowed for so long.


But what does this have to do with love? Angry outbursts, pushing, kicking, demeaning manipulation, control... I allowed it all - and I called it love.


Because I sincerely cared, I sincerely loved. I thought my love could fix others. I thought if loved them fiercely enough, they would know love too. 


And now I have learned that I needed to begin with my Self.


I needed to love myself first, before I could expect to love any other being here. 


I broke free from my past and finally allowed myself to show my Self love.


I discovered in a powerful healing session that WE ALL DESERVE PURE LOVE!


We all deserve pure love. There is nothing else.


It has been a journey of years of finding love and compassion for my Self, that has beautiful and kind relationships of all kinds for me.


I found the Love of my life and have made magical friends that share my kindness and caring nature.


I now choose to surround myself with loving individuals. People that respect other and accept them far who they are, wherever they're at.


And so I come from a place of great darkness, and shine brighter than ever before. 


We all deserve Pure Love!


- Désirée 

Pure Democracy* Love 

Submitted by Désirée.


Deeply satisfied from a beautiful meal at Lettuce Love Café, Adam and I brave the cold to make our way to Democracy* for some dessert. It's my birthday after all, and hey - if someone wants to spoil me like this I will let him! :)




This is my second visit to Democracy*. As we enter the restaurant, I feel comfortable and familiar. It's cozy and inviting. We are drawn to the display of delectable treats and pastries. *mouth waters* Is this really all vegan? I mean, did I die and go to vegan heaven, because that's how I feel.

We agree to share a chocolate cupcake. Really, I want one of each pastry, but that's just not realistic. I chat with the friendly barista to figure out what to drink. He makes me a double short espresso with a touch of vanilla and steamed almond milk. Basically a vanilla macchiato, in a small cup. It smells amazing.

As I taste it... I get a bit jealous of their espresso. It's velvety, rich and bold. A little smokey and the tiniest, perfect hint of acidity. Combined with the vanilla and beautiful steamed almond milk... this drink is precious.



About the cupcake... my sister makes delicious cupcakes. Like, the best ones ever. But this chocolate cupcake... completely vegan... makes my heart happy. Who needs birthday cake when you can go to Democracy* for this? The icing is smooth and creamy, and the cupcake is moist and super chocolatey.

Yum. Just yum.

You've won this chocoholic over.


The cool thing about Democracy* is that I feel completely comfortable here. Adam amplifies that feeling of course, by being a fantastic dinner date and friend. But where else would you feel comfortable enough to do social experiments and just stare at each other for 4 minutes? I feel like my kids would be super welcome here too.

I want to learn more about raising them vegan, and I feel like Democracy* is a place that would support and nurture that strongly. Everything about this place is vegan... the upcycled tables made from old billiard table slate, the repurposed drawers made into bookshelves... there is an open invitation to express yourself with ample chalking opportunities. Everyone needs to experience the welcoming feel and delicious food at Democracy!



202 Locke St S, Hamilton, ON L8P 4B4
(289) 389-2466


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Lettuce Pure Love 

Submitted by Désirée.


We park by the waterfront in Burlington. An icy breeze is coming off the lake. I look at the Skyway and realize I've driven past this spot hundreds of times and always wondered what was here... well I'm finding out. A really cool playground, that I'd love to take the boys to on a warmer day. But we're here for a delicious meal, on no other day than my birthday. :)


Rushing through the cold evening air, we talk about which side of each other we walk on, and without resolving the importance or sense behind it we turn the corner to the small side street Lettuce Love Café sits on. A large poster is hanging on a brick wall, and I'm impressed by their presentation. A clean, well-lit exterior, buchsbaum and a slightly posh entrance intrigue me.

As we enter, I am struck by the clean, bright, crispness of the place. White furniture, white table tops. I worry about the mess I might make. Eek. A beautiful hand-written menu board above the counter makes me even hungrier than I already am and I wonder who has such perfect handwriting. We're greeted by a charming young lady who quickly recognizes us as Adam and Désirée from Niagara, who called ahead that we were on our way. We choose a table and I realize it is a self-serve setup.

We choose drinks displayed in a cooler, a berry mix for me (love my red drinks) and something fruity for Adam (because he's so sweet). We had already decided on appetizers in the car, which Adam orders promptly. We're both a bit hangry. As we wait we decide on our mains, and I want to eat everything off the menu. In time, I'm sure I will! We are served avocado fries and nachos. Wow. The avocado is perfectly ripe, sliced into wedges, rolled in spices and has a hint of warmth. Together with the chipotle dip, it melts in my mouth.

The coating on the avocado wedges is a tad crispy, and as you bite into it you sink into the perfect velvety softness of ripe avocado... have I mentioned avocado is one of my favourite foods on earth? Anyway... the nachos. Adam has already eaten half of them at this point. I'm just lost in avocado bliss. Crunchy corn tortilla chips (organic), with toppings that have been carefully chosen: tomato, onion, stringy melted daiya cheese, chili spiced beans, fresh cilantro, and a whole bunch of goodness. Vegan sour cream and salsa to dip. You've got crunch and spice, and gooey perfection. Every bite is delightful.





Our mains.... Adam chooses the grilled cheese. And I go with the Goddess bowl, because that only makes sense. As the waitress sets the wooden bowl down in front of me and I smell the food I'm about to eat, I sort of forget everything around me. Sorry Adam. Lol. My first bite - a forkful of grated carrots, some kale and a creamy sauce made of ginger, sesame and cashews.

Just for that sauce I need to go back to Lettuce Love. It was perfection. Maybe they can make a soup out of that sauce. The ingredients in that Goddess bowl - I felt like every item was carefully selected and prepared just to make my taste buds happy. Grated carrot salad, grated beets, roasted kale, and brown rice as the base. The rice is cooked just right, with a slight crunch to it, not sticky like mine ends up usually. More perfectly ripe avocado. Some sesame seeds sprinkled over it all...and that sauce. That sauce! Everything is right, from texture to colour to heat to flavour. Perfectly balanced, fit for a Goddess.




Where was I? Oh right, Adam is eating too... a grilled cheese so delicious it makes me wonder why I deprived myself of this vegan version for so long. Hats off to Daiya for creating the slices of cheddar-like cheese that melt so beautifully. The chia bread is golden brown and crunchy, and slices of fresh tomato round off the flavours to create a sandwich that makes my mouth water just thinking about it. Then of course Adam mixes hot sauce into the chipotle mayo it comes with to make a concoction that is just stunning to my taste buds.




Every. Bite. Of the meal is beautiful.


I get a doggy bag... I want to take some of the food home to make sure this wasn't just a dream. I feel blessed to have experienced such a perfect meal with an enchanting Scorpio.


Dessert? Of course! But who would we be if we didn't drive to another city for that!!

To be continued... 


Lettuce Love Cafe

399 John St, Burlington, ON L7R 2K3
(905) 637-2700


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By Any Chance - A Poem by Fiona 


A steady breath away,

flits away

and is not so steadily sanctioned today, as if it were

never sanctioned at all.

A steady breath away, waits

a frozen moment stayed

by any chance play

and by any chance it grows this way.


By any chance, a newer pose,

or something that the knower knows,

kindles anew a new repose.


A piece of mind in the peaceful close

of a steady breath

and a honest show

by any chance makes growers grow

alongside one another

and under the cover

of any chance

the knower's' hands

of prose

still search.



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"Can't" by Madison Horan 


I can't write
I can't breathe
I can't blink
I can't see

I think about you
I think about me
I think about us
Again I cant see

I wanted you
You wanted me
What happened to us
How we used to be?

You were perfect
Or so it seemed
I thought we had something
I thought we were free

Your life was moving
Mine standing still
But I don’t understand
How that sealed the deal?

I don’t feel the pain
But I don’t see the light
My dreams keep telling me
You’re gone out of sight

Maybe one day I’ll see
Or maybe you’ll decide
Until then,
I can't write
I can't breath
I can't blink
I can't be. 



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So my husband had mentioned to me a few weeks back that hybrids aren’t (at this point in time) proven to be any more good for the environment than regular full-on gas fueled vehicles.  On the contrary, our usage of hybrid cars is ‘carbon neutral’?  - meaning the usage of hybrid cars in North America has yet to change, for better or worse, the state of pollution.   At the time, my mind was entirely elsewhere so I only heard half of what I was listening to... 

Today, I made him break him it down for me because we were driving around and I’m excited about getting my license soon.... and this is what I think I learned....  bear with me though, any discrepancies I speak of surely are of my own fault... he’s too smart for his own good sometimes and could explain it much better than I could, certainly....


Hybrid cars rely on some electric power, no?  And as the number of hybrid cars increases, so does the amount of work our coal burning plants providing our electricity increases.  Of course the emissions from gas fueled cars are horrible, but the emissions from gas fuelled cars that are 50% (or whatever %) electric are just as harmful as well due to their % of increased work on coal burning plants already burning for all of the other electricity we use... while still emitting harmful fumes from the gas.


If our nation utilized full-on solar/wind energy for more of its energy (like Germany or Denmark), of course electric cars would be far less harmful to the environment.  But China for instance, which is overpopulated for its land space already (I believe) has a huge influx in electric or hybrid vehicles, while using coal burning plants to supply the bulk of its electricity (I don’t know if they use wind or solar energy anywhere or at all), and emits deadly amounts of pollution on a daily basis... even though and perhaps because they use an increasing amount of hybrid vehicles.


So where are your thoughts in this?  I’m wondering....


I see and hear of rich celebrities such as Leo DiCaprio driving hybrids and touting the pros of doing so, to save the earth and whatnot... while the majority of the countries they live in and drive in are still electrically powered by coal burning plants.  I am starting to think that celebrities such as he with huge speaking power are maybe confused about what exactly it is that they are aiming for?  And again, bear with me, I’m still learning but I would think that they should perhaps be educating people more on how much more effective electric cars could be were the rest of the power utilized by their countries of origin not be from coal burning plants.  And in turn, they could be touting the pros of wind and solar energy before saying we should all be driving hybrids.


Anyway, now that the engineering of hybrid vehicles and to boot, the engineering of electricity in general for North America has been explained to me in concepts I can appreciate, my thoughts on the idea of electric cars in North America are rather short of encouraging to the new age hippies who drive hybrids because it’s been said to be environmentally profitable.


Let’s take a step back... focus on our main supply of energy sources and then decide what vehicles we should drive to best accommodate those same energy sources.  Let’s be honest, without energy there are no vehicles to drive, so let’s deal with first things first, and the cars we drive being last on the agenda of what’s really important in our lives.  Let’s first determine the pros vs. the cost of installing wind and solar energy mills throughout our continent.  Let’s first deduct the voices of the politicians who have a lot to lose from our collective determining of such. Let’s collectively say hey, why should we buy a hybrid? Why Explain to me - Joe Blow - why buying your hybrid makes the air that I and my children breathe cleaner when coal burning plants are still the source of the electricity that my hybrid uses in my country?


- Fiona Weaver 


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Angela's Garden 



You are what you eat... literally. The foods you consume literally become part of your being. A European study found that DNA from GMO (genetically modified organisms) corn was incorporated into those who consumed it and was subsequently passed down for several generations.

Learn more:

Think about that for a moment. What you eat becomes you. If you give birth even ten years later, it also becomes your children and their children and so on...

Even one brave Vatican official recently came out and called GMO - or genetically modified foods - the new form of slavery. Really odd if you think back to 2010 when the Vatican praised GMO foods while a U.S. judge ordered their destruction. Click here for more.


If you're thinking, "Well I'm a meat guy/gal myself, I don't have to worry about this." - you're wrong - because what they feed the animals you're consuming also becomes part of your being. You don't think they spend money on quality feed for animals that are born to be slaughtered and sold for money... do you? That would cut into their bottom line!

In some cases, the animals you consume are fed other dead animals, I'm talking cannibalism. Even how the animal is slaughtered effects your being. If an animal is slaughtered inhumanely and dies a horrible death, the negative vibrations stay with the animal and become you when eaten, as stated in The Law Of One series.

The ancients honored, loved, respected and paid tribute to the animals they hunted and they only ate enough meat to sustain their body, which is also stated in The Law Of One series.


Lets take a look at how vibrations work...

In the video below you will see table salt on a vibrating platform. When the platform vibrates on a low frequency you see sporadic chaos, this is where the potential for cancer and other life-threatening illnesses come in. When the platform vibrates on a high frequency you see beautiful snowflake like patterns form. This is where happiness, love, energy and general well being comes from. You might want to turn the volume down.


During World War II, new and untouched civilizations were discovered in Africa. These peoples never had any contact with the outside world. They lived off of organic crops and I assume most of them humanly slaughtered animals. When discovered they were found with perfect, straight, white teeth. Though they were not in need, the allies began launching food drops. The villagers were introduced to a Western diet overnight. Not knowing any better, the villagers mistook the airplanes as gods, they had never seen planes before. When the food drops stopped the villagers began to build shrines in hope that the gods would return. They built huge model airplanes out of wood thinking the planes were the gods. But the 'gods' did not return. When cameramen returned to the village after the war, their population had dropped and oral and physical health had declined.

So what does one do? Should we call our local supermarkets and find out if they are carrying GMO foods and let them know we will take our green paper elsewhere if they are? Wouldn't hurt. But even non GMO foods are compromised, they are saturated in pesticides and other toxins. Could this be where A.D.D and other learning disabilities come from?

What about buying organic? Well first off, not everyone can afford it. And secondly, I'm not sure there is such thing as organic anymore. Not with the constant rounds of chem-trails we are pounded with every day.

Chem-trails are used to modify weather. They also contain heavy metals and other chemicals that are extremely toxic to the human body. See video below...



Do not mistake chem-trails for con-trails. Con-trails evaporate in seconds whereas chem-trails linger and expand. See the short, chem-trails vs con-trails video below...



Here's some links that may help you combat illnesses caused by chemicals in water and our food supply.


NOTE: Fluoride was first used in water supplies by the Nazi's during WWII



NOTE: I am not a doctor. I am in no way giving medical advice. I am encouraging people to do their own independent research only.


At some point you have to stop and think, "Why are people putting toxins in our food and water supply? Its not for you're oral heath, we've already proven that flouride rots your teeth and kills brain cells and Its not because the only way to feed seven billion souls is to grow fruits and vegetables in a lab, we have entire nations starving to death so those excuses have to be to rest. And you mean to tell me that we can put men in space but we cannot build massive state of the art green houses in the empty and wide open desserts? Stop all of that, no more excuses, no more fear of the truth that sits openly right in front of your face.

In previous articles I have written about the top of the pyramid, the secret societies that have taken over our planet and our birthright to her wealth. We all know they are out there working hard to finish us off, what I do not understand is; why do we fear them? Why fear those who live in fear of you?

They know who and what you are, the problem is that you do not. They live in fear every day that you might wake up the fact that life is not about competing against your fellow man and woman in the work place. It's not about green paper and the merry-go-round of insanity that I like to call Work, Eat, Sleep & Repeat. It's not about Red State versus Blue State, liberal verses conservative, black verses white or my god verses your god.

Its about the fact that we are one unstoppable race of beings who incarnated here to learn and experience unconditional love.


I wrote in The Profit$ of Terror that the dark ones have been defeated. I honestly believe they have been. Still there is much work that needs to be done before we can experience a new and real reality. The many must wake up from the dream state they have been living in. They must understand and accept that there is so much more about this beautiful planet and Universe that we live in, and that they have absolutely nothing to be afraid of.

Knowledge must be gained and shared without fear of ridicule. We have been provided with great assistance but we still must do our part.

This planet must be and will be transformed from a killing field to Angela's Garden... the Garden of Angels.


- Christopher Knight



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The Prophet$ of Terror 


Did you know that when you watch T.V., read, listen to music or play video games, your mind slips into a vegetative state? When this occurs you are vulnerable to what is being planted into your mind. I'd like to share some subliminal messages that were used on you and may have shaped your view of the World and therefore reality.
Below is the cover of New York magazine. The first thing you might notice is the large image of a woman in a complete state of horror. Notice how it says, "REAL-ESTATE" and then says, "Is there life beyond the BOOM?" with the World Trade Center towers directly to your left of the word BOOM. Now look very closely at the word "York". Above the R and K in York is the date this magazine was issued. March 2001. What this cover is telling you is that something big is going to happen that will effect real estate and you should be terrified?

(I've made this photo a link to Adam's photobucket account, if anyone wants to view or download the following photos from there)
In July 2001, Cracked magazine published this issue. At the top you see it says, "This Issue Is A Complete Disaster!" They made the word 'disaster' in extra large letters, which is common in advertising. They do this when they want a certain word/thought/emotion to stick out in your mind. Then you see a cartoon of a boy in a state of fear and panic while the city and ground he stands on begins to crumble. Oh, and a plane flying into a building....

Below is a clip from the 1993 movie, Super Mario Brothers. The movie, like the video game is about two brothers in a alternate universe trying to fight off an invasion. And like the game, the movie is FULL of symbolism and subliminal messages.


I believe  this image of a bloodied New York was released in 1998. It speaks for itself.

Here is a 1976 image of Cookie Monster eating the towers as they begin to crumble. I find the half or eclipsed moon very interesting because the people responsible for these images work for some really dark forces who plan everything they do according ancient astrology. Not that crap on your home page or the stuff you read in the news papers, real astrology, the real deal.

Below we have an airline ad of a plane heading towards the towers. I am not able to zoom into the date but I would bet a million dollars that it is pre 9/11.

Here is a clip from a Simpsons episode that aired September 21st, 1997. You see Lisa hold up a magazine that says, "New York 9$" with the twin towers next to the 9. The towers act as the number 11 forming, New York 911. Also, please take a few minutes to watch this short video. It has clips from the Simpsons and clips from a show called, The Lone Gunman. The Lone Gunman aired in March of 2001. In these clips they tell you that 9/11 is coming and why they are doing it.

Below are scenes from the movies, The Matrix, Independence Day and Terminator 2.

So who is behind all of this? Who has enough money and power to control the media and Hollywood? How about the people who own the banks and the right to print money? Good place to start. We know there are secret societies out there, JFK gave a speech about them shortly before he was shot. Bush Jr. admitted he was a member of of a secret society as did his cousin John Kerry. Bush Sr. was a member of the very same secret society as Jr. and Kerry. If you look up the bloodlines of American presidents, almost every single one of them are blood related or related by marriage and almost every single one of them were members of the same secret societies. These societies include; The Knights Templar, Skull and Bones, The Freemasons, and The dreaded Illuminati. Their symbolism can be found everywhere because they control everything including what you eat and drink.

Below are images of the black and white checkered floor, a masonic symbol that dates back to ancient Egypt. Some of its meanings include good and evil, and interglactic travelers. You see, the people at the very top of these secret societies believe they are descendents of an alien race that conquered the human race a long long time ago and so they believe it's their birthright to run the World and do as they please. See images below...


I am not saying that these celebrities are members of secret societies but that they are controlled by them. Some are born into them. When you reach a certain status point you are given a choice to join or be swept under the rug and forgotten about. But to speak out against what Hollywood and the music industry are really all about means certain death. Remember Micheal Jackson? Was MJ really a child raping nut job or did he just refuse to go along with the agenda of the dark ones? Some stars are put under mind control at a very young age. See Brittney Spears and Christina Aguilera, who were members of the Mickey Mouse Club (Disney is a well known mind control agency and they are famous for their sexual subliminals and racism in cartoons). What happened to David Chappelle, Martian Lawrence, Mariah Carey and Britney Spears? Hollywood multi-millionaires  with access to the best doctors on Earth just going crazy over a little stress? Nope. Those poor souls, and others I'm sure, suffered a breakdown in their mind control.

If you're having trouble believing what you have read and seen so far, take a look below at what a US navel building looks like from above.
Or type "illuminati" backwards into an URL, add the ".com" and see where it sends you - The NSA's website.

How about the double cross, a symbol used by high level secret society members.


When you learn to understand symbols you can see clear as day, you see everything for what it is and you know who owns the companies that use them. We have not evolved from the days of Kings and Queens, Knights and dark religious beliefs ect.. These people, or bloodlines, are alive and well. They no longer ride on horses, they have private jets now. They no longer wear robes (most of them), they wear suits and ties now. They no longer kill openly, they chemicals in food and war now. But yes, they are still very much in power and control EVERYTHING... but not for long. These dark forces and secret societies have recently been defeated by a whole lot of help from above, and I am not talking about anything having to do with religion or Gods of any sort. God is within, not from above. I'd like to show some very old religious artwork now.

Now a closer look of what is over her shoulder...
 Below are some painting by Leonardo Divinci

Here are some old paintings of Christ on the cross...

Now a closer look at the above image...


You should be able to see a craft on the top right corner and top left corner. I do not believe Jesus, or YESHUA, which I believe to be his real name, was god. I believe he was a messenger like Buddha, Krishna and other religious icons. I also believe these messengers will return in the form of a mass human awakening. When people wake up from the dream they have been living in, the Christ principles will have returned. Love, honor, respect and freedom.

As this Alice In Wonderland central park statue is saying, you have been living in a dream, a false reality. Say goodbye to the images below...

Masonic temple,

Jersey Shore Italy house,

False religions who promote hate,

Mind control vision (how many all seeing eyes do you see?),

She thinks its cool because Jay-Z says so,

And say hello to freedom!

Above is what the American flag actually looks like. When this flag waves, we are in times of peace. When the flag you know and 'love' waves, they are at war... with YOU.

I recommend going to Divine Cosmos for a history lesson. David Wilcock has published a major article about the history of these secret societies and how they were very recently defeated. His investigation has been picked up in small parts by every major news outlet on the planet. This is as real as it gets.

I seriously doubt it, but if anything you saw here or at Divine Cosmos frightens you or makes you feel uncomfortable in any way, envision the fear in your mind being wraped in love and release the energy through the bottom of your feet. Fear and denial no longer serve you.

- Christopher Knight


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Adam Of The Eve; A Poem 


Adam Of The Eve;  A Poem


Doth mine eyes do behold an actor,

worthy of a stage less confined than the theatrical

stages of earthly behaviours and sounds and play?


A Shakespearean relative to his surrounding impediments?

And without preamble, a comely target and an unknown force?


Beckoning yet forward moving throughout.

Passive and pro-active, two halves at war.


A peaceful countenance to the questioning mind

Calmly poised and with weapons at the ready.


A liver of life, a giver

Of life’s secret end results.


A bard and a teller, a new age thinker...

A business man and a tinker.


 - Fiona Weaver 



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A Look Back At 2011 - Part 3 

Click here for Part 1 or Part 2


I honestly thought I could get away with only two parts of "A Look Back At 2011", but when I woke up on Christmas morning I discovered that Santa Claus had left some more strange and unusual events... in my e-mail.


  • December 19th, 2011 -  Yemen fishermen reported a volcanic eruption in the Red Sea. Witnesses reported lava spouting 20 - 30 meters, or 65 - 100 ft. Jebel at Tair is a known active volcano, having erupted as recently as 2007-08, when seven Yemeni soldiers were killed.


  • December 21st, 2011 - Catholic news reported that, "Ancient document sheds new light on Magi story". I haven't had a chance to look into this yet but my first thought was that 'The Church' has read or heard about the most recent mind opening article by David Wilcock and they are trying to put a Catholic spin on it. Keep in mind that one of the most powerful telescopes on Earth is owned and operated by the Vatican. Also, the Vatican recently released a statement saying something to the affect of, "If life is out there, they are Gods Children and we would like to baptize them." If and when intelligent life lands and they become involved with the Vatican, you will know they are no friend of yours. Little on this planet is more evil than the Roman Catholic church.  


  • December 22nd, 2011 - Benjamin Fulford reported that a new financial system is emerging and taking off. Click the link and find out how people are taking themselves OFF of the grid.

  • December 22nd, 2011 - The story from November about a metal ball that fell from space was updated. The 13 pound metallic sphere landed 480 miles north of African capitol Windhoek, leaving a 13 inch deep crater that was 12.5 feet wide. Locals heard several small eruptions a few days before the ball landed. Similar spheres have been found in Australia and Central America over the last two decades. To me, the ball looks like something you would see in a 1950's sci-fi movie. NASA and the European Space Agency have been contacted to help figure out what this sphere is. I believe these spheres have something to do with Breakaway Civilizations, a topic recently covered in one of Adams "Brogs". For more on breakaway civilizations, Google search - Richard Dolan.


  • December 24th, 2011 - News of the lawsuit that could change the world is spreading. Click this link for more information.

  • December 22nd, 2011 - 1,100 year old Mayan ruins are discovered in North Georgia. I wouldn't trust the mainstreams reports... at all. The point is new Mayan ruins have been discovered, that's really all you need to know, do your own research. Click here for more information.


  • December 23rd, 2011 - Thailand is hit by violent waves described as "mini tsunamis". The cause is tropical depression “WASHI” and a storm surge. Officials have warned the people of Thailand to be on alert for the next few months.


  • December 24th, 2011 - The Sun goes wild and five Coronal Mass Ejections are sent flying through space, two heading towards Earth. This may frighten some people but I welcome it. I do not believe the Sun, a living being, would harm the people he gives life to. David Wilcock talks about solar flares mutating and upgrading human DNA and therefore being partly responsible for human evolution. Being that it is 2011 and most people still think voting and going to church is still useful, I feel that we are do and are in dire need of upgrades.


  • December 25th, 2011 - Australia is hit by a severe thunderstorm with super cell tornado, heavy winds and lemon sized hail. Click here for details and images.


  • December 26th, 2011 - Benjamin Fulford reports that a major power shift is taking place in Asia following the death of Kim Jung II. Fulford wrote,

"The biggest changes are happening in Japan where a series of arrests of bureaucrats, police officials and politicians has begun. One prominent casualty has been former Japanese Finance and Economy Minister Heizo Takenaka who has been arrested and is underground “vigorous questioning,” according to Japanese military intelligence sources. Takenaka is apparently singing like a canary, the sources said. If this information from highly placed sources is correct, Takenaka will be explaining why he handed over control of Japan’s commercial banks to foreign oligarchs, including the Rockefeller and Bush clans. The situation in the Korean peninsula is also now headed for the biggest change since the Korean war in the 1950’s the sources say."


  • December 26th, 2011 - CNN published an article titled, "Two New Earths and The Search For Life". Click here for more information.


  • December 27th, 2011 - The Philippines are pounded by a massive storm that causes severe flooding and landslides. I found this very interesting because it is said that massive amounts of gold can be found in the waters of the Philippines. Go to for more on that story.


In Part 2 I mentioned Hollywood and its origins. Hollywood, like Disney, is basically a mind control agency. Its purpose is to drive the agenda of the dark world elite into the minds of the masses. How many of my fellow Americans walked away from Rocky IV feeling love for the Russian people? Ask yourself, what was going on between the USA and the USSR around the time that movie came out? What about Black Hawk Down. Did you walk away from that movie thinking, 'I wish we all could all just get along."? Or were you thinking, "We need to kill those bastards!"? Let’s look at the movie Pearl Harbor and Titanic. Both of these events were tragic, but staged. The US instigated the war with Japan buy cutting off their oil supplies leaving them no choice but to attack. The US knew well in advance that the Japanese were coming and allowed that attack to happen so the American people would cry for revenge and the US could enter WWII. The Titanic; when certain bankers and politicians tried to work against the dark elite, they were invited onto the Titanic (owned by J.P. Morgan) for the historic launch of the ship that not even God himself could sink. But the ship was sunk allegedly by "a chunk of ice" and those bankers and politicians who were working against the agenda of the dark ones were murdered along with innocent men, women and children. Not to mention the documented fact that the Titanic was the twin ship to The Olympic, two identical vessels. Rather than educate the public, Hollywood spent millions on turning these two historic events into a couple of cheesy love stories. When the average female thinks about Pearl Harbor or the Titanic, they most likely think about Ben Affleck and Leo DiCaprio.

In 2011, movies about aliens and aliens attacking Earth dominated Hollywood. Battle L.A., The Green Lantern, Apollo 18, Cowboys and Aliens, Mars needs Moms, I Am Number Four, and The Darkest Hour - to name a few. What are they telling you to believe? And what will you believe if contact is made in 2012?

If you are having problems believing world elite are capable of such dark deeds, I ask you to go to YouTube and search "JFK secret service stand down". When you’re done, search "JFK secret society speech".


Come gather 'round people
Wherever you roam
And admit that the waters
Around you have grown
And accept it that soon
You'll be drenched to the bone
If your time to you
Is worth savin'
Then you better start swimmin'
Or you'll sink like a stone
For the times they are a-chang

- Bob Dylan


For true change to take place, the old false and prison-like system we were born into must collapse. It can be a very unpleasant experience for some to find out that everything they thought they knew and understood about the world is either a lie or an illusion. It’s not easy to go through a breakdown of your life-long mind programming (been there, done that). But it is necessary and we all agreed to it before we were born. Albert Einstein said, "You can not fix problems with the same level of consciousness that created them."  When things start to get wild - and they will - do not be afraid and do not get angry. If the human race has learned anything, it is that fear and anger do not work. Money, economies, politics, nationalism, religion, flags and separation/division are nothing but illusions. Leave logic and ego behind, they no longer serve you.

Nothing is real but LOVE.


- Christopher Knight



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