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Submitted by Désirée.


Deeply satisfied from a beautiful meal at Lettuce Love Café, Adam and I brave the cold to make our way to Democracy* for some dessert. It's my birthday after all, and hey - if someone wants to spoil me like this I will let him! :)




This is my second visit to Democracy*. As we enter the restaurant, I feel comfortable and familiar. It's cozy and inviting. We are drawn to the display of delectable treats and pastries. *mouth waters* Is this really all vegan? I mean, did I die and go to vegan heaven, because that's how I feel.

We agree to share a chocolate cupcake. Really, I want one of each pastry, but that's just not realistic. I chat with the friendly barista to figure out what to drink. He makes me a double short espresso with a touch of vanilla and steamed almond milk. Basically a vanilla macchiato, in a small cup. It smells amazing.

As I taste it... I get a bit jealous of their espresso. It's velvety, rich and bold. A little smokey and the tiniest, perfect hint of acidity. Combined with the vanilla and beautiful steamed almond milk... this drink is precious.



About the cupcake... my sister makes delicious cupcakes. Like, the best ones ever. But this chocolate cupcake... completely vegan... makes my heart happy. Who needs birthday cake when you can go to Democracy* for this? The icing is smooth and creamy, and the cupcake is moist and super chocolatey.

Yum. Just yum.

You've won this chocoholic over.


The cool thing about Democracy* is that I feel completely comfortable here. Adam amplifies that feeling of course, by being a fantastic dinner date and friend. But where else would you feel comfortable enough to do social experiments and just stare at each other for 4 minutes? I feel like my kids would be super welcome here too.

I want to learn more about raising them vegan, and I feel like Democracy* is a place that would support and nurture that strongly. Everything about this place is vegan... the upcycled tables made from old billiard table slate, the repurposed drawers made into bookshelves... there is an open invitation to express yourself with ample chalking opportunities. Everyone needs to experience the welcoming feel and delicious food at Democracy!



202 Locke St S, Hamilton, ON L8P 4B4
(289) 389-2466

http://democracyonlocke.com/ http://www.twitter.com/DemocracyCoffee


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