Lock Picking Vegan 


This last year has been crazy right? 

So with the newfound free time I've had, I have learned how to; invest in crypto (and lose money so far), maintain my stock portfolio myself (instead of mutual funds managed by my bank), play piano (we bought a piano), and also pick locks!

Lock picking is something that's always been on the back burner of my mind to do, as it relates to the automotive industry, which I was apart of before all this (waves around).


When I was in my teens I learned how to break into almost any vehicle with a wedge and mallet, or a coat hanger, so I never actually had to admit to a customer that I lost their keys in their cars!

That alone worked well enough all these years. But lock picking is something I've always been interested in. 

So I'm about 10 videos in to a new series called Lock Picking Vegan

Fun for the whole family!

Hope you enjoy. 



The Morning Banana Show #93 2021? 

Welcome to the first Morning Banana Show of 2021!


The Morning Banana Show is a variety show the length of a banana. 



Referenced: My statement on the recent Twitter Purge:





I have been locked out of my Twitter account as of Wednesday, January 13th, at 5pm this evening. I have emailed Twitter to hopefully sort it out. At this point they aren't sending me the verification texts so I can login. Without that added credential from their end, I'm left just waiting.