1. 23

From the recording 23


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<p>What's the point I'm missing? Was it the impression I left that sour facial look, you didn't want no more now did you? Contemplate perfection. Then forgot to mention my love turned 23 today, my love turned 23 and we'll evaporate sorrow. No cold alone. Cuz' the price was shown to be shallow and we drowned in slow, we died but now it's shifted, no holds. He decreases me. Continuing to distort this worlds appeal. Distorted this world appears. It doesn't sift away so slow, and yes now Yah's starting to show us more truth and extinguishing lies and perversions of truth with His word we call Torah. How could a conscience sink so low? In a world whose heart is getting so cold that it seems there's no hope and we multiply leaders that tell us "it's peace here". And now how will this all end? Well it ends with the one whose the start and the end and the start and the end.</p>