How Pure Love Changed My Life


It really all comes down to love.


And when you explore love, in all its beauty and complexity; it actually becomes clear that love is simple. Love is wholesome. Love is pure.


It took me over 30 years to truly learn how to love my Self.


I lived, I lost. I loved and I cried.


I accepted behaviors from loved ones that were not acts of love. I thought I loved myself but my actions and the actions I allowed from others tell a different story.


One thing that really changed my life was a chart. Yes, a chart.


This chart here:

It opened my eyes to the predictability and patterns in abusive relationships.


When I first encountered the chart in a Facebook post (by a friend that I've since thanked for helping me change my perspective and my life), I started to observe my interactions with others and I suddenly saw these patterns clearly unfolding.


After a time of observation, I was abie to make some changes and found the courage to set boundaries to protect myself from the abusive behaviours I had allowed for so long.


But what does this have to do with love? Angry outbursts, pushing, kicking, demeaning manipulation, control... I allowed it all - and I called it love.


Because I sincerely cared, I sincerely loved. I thought my love could fix others. I thought if loved them fiercely enough, they would know love too. 


And now I have learned that I needed to begin with my Self.


I needed to love myself first, before I could expect to love any other being here. 


I broke free from my past and finally allowed myself to show my Self love.


I discovered in a powerful healing session that WE ALL DESERVE PURE LOVE!


We all deserve pure love. There is nothing else.


It has been a journey of years of finding love and compassion for my Self, that has beautiful and kind relationships of all kinds for me.


I found the Love of my life and have made magical friends that share my kindness and caring nature.


I now choose to surround myself with loving individuals. People that respect other and accept them far who they are, wherever they're at.


And so I come from a place of great darkness, and shine brighter than ever before. 


We all deserve Pure Love!


- Désirée 

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