The Prophet$ of Terror


Did you know that when you watch T.V., read, listen to music or play video games, your mind slips into a vegetative state? When this occurs you are vulnerable to what is being planted into your mind. I'd like to share some subliminal messages that were used on you and may have shaped your view of the World and therefore reality.
Below is the cover of New York magazine. The first thing you might notice is the large image of a woman in a complete state of horror. Notice how it says, "REAL-ESTATE" and then says, "Is there life beyond the BOOM?" with the World Trade Center towers directly to your left of the word BOOM. Now look very closely at the word "York". Above the R and K in York is the date this magazine was issued. March 2001. What this cover is telling you is that something big is going to happen that will effect real estate and you should be terrified?

(I've made this photo a link to Adam's photobucket account, if anyone wants to view or download the following photos from there)
In July 2001, Cracked magazine published this issue. At the top you see it says, "This Issue Is A Complete Disaster!" They made the word 'disaster' in extra large letters, which is common in advertising. They do this when they want a certain word/thought/emotion to stick out in your mind. Then you see a cartoon of a boy in a state of fear and panic while the city and ground he stands on begins to crumble. Oh, and a plane flying into a building....

Below is a clip from the 1993 movie, Super Mario Brothers. The movie, like the video game is about two brothers in a alternate universe trying to fight off an invasion. And like the game, the movie is FULL of symbolism and subliminal messages.


I believe  this image of a bloodied New York was released in 1998. It speaks for itself.

Here is a 1976 image of Cookie Monster eating the towers as they begin to crumble. I find the half or eclipsed moon very interesting because the people responsible for these images work for some really dark forces who plan everything they do according ancient astrology. Not that crap on your home page or the stuff you read in the news papers, real astrology, the real deal.

Below we have an airline ad of a plane heading towards the towers. I am not able to zoom into the date but I would bet a million dollars that it is pre 9/11.

Here is a clip from a Simpsons episode that aired September 21st, 1997. You see Lisa hold up a magazine that says, "New York 9$" with the twin towers next to the 9. The towers act as the number 11 forming, New York 911. Also, please take a few minutes to watch this short video. It has clips from the Simpsons and clips from a show called, The Lone Gunman. The Lone Gunman aired in March of 2001. In these clips they tell you that 9/11 is coming and why they are doing it.

Below are scenes from the movies, The Matrix, Independence Day and Terminator 2.

So who is behind all of this? Who has enough money and power to control the media and Hollywood? How about the people who own the banks and the right to print money? Good place to start. We know there are secret societies out there, JFK gave a speech about them shortly before he was shot. Bush Jr. admitted he was a member of of a secret society as did his cousin John Kerry. Bush Sr. was a member of the very same secret society as Jr. and Kerry. If you look up the bloodlines of American presidents, almost every single one of them are blood related or related by marriage and almost every single one of them were members of the same secret societies. These societies include; The Knights Templar, Skull and Bones, The Freemasons, and The dreaded Illuminati. Their symbolism can be found everywhere because they control everything including what you eat and drink.

Below are images of the black and white checkered floor, a masonic symbol that dates back to ancient Egypt. Some of its meanings include good and evil, and interglactic travelers. You see, the people at the very top of these secret societies believe they are descendents of an alien race that conquered the human race a long long time ago and so they believe it's their birthright to run the World and do as they please. See images below...


I am not saying that these celebrities are members of secret societies but that they are controlled by them. Some are born into them. When you reach a certain status point you are given a choice to join or be swept under the rug and forgotten about. But to speak out against what Hollywood and the music industry are really all about means certain death. Remember Micheal Jackson? Was MJ really a child raping nut job or did he just refuse to go along with the agenda of the dark ones? Some stars are put under mind control at a very young age. See Brittney Spears and Christina Aguilera, who were members of the Mickey Mouse Club (Disney is a well known mind control agency and they are famous for their sexual subliminals and racism in cartoons). What happened to David Chappelle, Martian Lawrence, Mariah Carey and Britney Spears? Hollywood multi-millionaires  with access to the best doctors on Earth just going crazy over a little stress? Nope. Those poor souls, and others I'm sure, suffered a breakdown in their mind control.

If you're having trouble believing what you have read and seen so far, take a look below at what a US navel building looks like from above.
Or type "illuminati" backwards into an URL, add the ".com" and see where it sends you - The NSA's website.

How about the double cross, a symbol used by high level secret society members.


When you learn to understand symbols you can see clear as day, you see everything for what it is and you know who owns the companies that use them. We have not evolved from the days of Kings and Queens, Knights and dark religious beliefs ect.. These people, or bloodlines, are alive and well. They no longer ride on horses, they have private jets now. They no longer wear robes (most of them), they wear suits and ties now. They no longer kill openly, they chemicals in food and war now. But yes, they are still very much in power and control EVERYTHING... but not for long. These dark forces and secret societies have recently been defeated by a whole lot of help from above, and I am not talking about anything having to do with religion or Gods of any sort. God is within, not from above. I'd like to show some very old religious artwork now.

Now a closer look of what is over her shoulder...
 Below are some painting by Leonardo Divinci

Here are some old paintings of Christ on the cross...

Now a closer look at the above image...


You should be able to see a craft on the top right corner and top left corner. I do not believe Jesus, or YESHUA, which I believe to be his real name, was god. I believe he was a messenger like Buddha, Krishna and other religious icons. I also believe these messengers will return in the form of a mass human awakening. When people wake up from the dream they have been living in, the Christ principles will have returned. Love, honor, respect and freedom.

As this Alice In Wonderland central park statue is saying, you have been living in a dream, a false reality. Say goodbye to the images below...

Masonic temple,

Jersey Shore Italy house,

False religions who promote hate,

Mind control vision (how many all seeing eyes do you see?),

She thinks its cool because Jay-Z says so,

And say hello to freedom!

Above is what the American flag actually looks like. When this flag waves, we are in times of peace. When the flag you know and 'love' waves, they are at war... with YOU.

I recommend going to Divine Cosmos for a history lesson. David Wilcock has published a major article about the history of these secret societies and how they were very recently defeated. His investigation has been picked up in small parts by every major news outlet on the planet. This is as real as it gets.

I seriously doubt it, but if anything you saw here or at Divine Cosmos frightens you or makes you feel uncomfortable in any way, envision the fear in your mind being wraped in love and release the energy through the bottom of your feet. Fear and denial no longer serve you.

- Christopher Knight


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