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You are what you eat... literally. The foods you consume literally become part of your being. A European study found that DNA from GMO (genetically modified organisms) corn was incorporated into those who consumed it and was subsequently passed down for several generations.

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Think about that for a moment. What you eat becomes you. If you give birth even ten years later, it also becomes your children and their children and so on...

Even one brave Vatican official recently came out and called GMO - or genetically modified foods - the new form of slavery. Really odd if you think back to 2010 when the Vatican praised GMO foods while a U.S. judge ordered their destruction. Click here for more.


If you're thinking, "Well I'm a meat guy/gal myself, I don't have to worry about this." - you're wrong - because what they feed the animals you're consuming also becomes part of your being. You don't think they spend money on quality feed for animals that are born to be slaughtered and sold for money... do you? That would cut into their bottom line!

In some cases, the animals you consume are fed other dead animals, I'm talking cannibalism. Even how the animal is slaughtered effects your being. If an animal is slaughtered inhumanely and dies a horrible death, the negative vibrations stay with the animal and become you when eaten, as stated in The Law Of One series.

The ancients honored, loved, respected and paid tribute to the animals they hunted and they only ate enough meat to sustain their body, which is also stated in The Law Of One series.


Lets take a look at how vibrations work...

In the video below you will see table salt on a vibrating platform. When the platform vibrates on a low frequency you see sporadic chaos, this is where the potential for cancer and other life-threatening illnesses come in. When the platform vibrates on a high frequency you see beautiful snowflake like patterns form. This is where happiness, love, energy and general well being comes from. You might want to turn the volume down.


During World War II, new and untouched civilizations were discovered in Africa. These peoples never had any contact with the outside world. They lived off of organic crops and I assume most of them humanly slaughtered animals. When discovered they were found with perfect, straight, white teeth. Though they were not in need, the allies began launching food drops. The villagers were introduced to a Western diet overnight. Not knowing any better, the villagers mistook the airplanes as gods, they had never seen planes before. When the food drops stopped the villagers began to build shrines in hope that the gods would return. They built huge model airplanes out of wood thinking the planes were the gods. But the 'gods' did not return. When cameramen returned to the village after the war, their population had dropped and oral and physical health had declined.

So what does one do? Should we call our local supermarkets and find out if they are carrying GMO foods and let them know we will take our green paper elsewhere if they are? Wouldn't hurt. But even non GMO foods are compromised, they are saturated in pesticides and other toxins. Could this be where A.D.D and other learning disabilities come from?

What about buying organic? Well first off, not everyone can afford it. And secondly, I'm not sure there is such thing as organic anymore. Not with the constant rounds of chem-trails we are pounded with every day.

Chem-trails are used to modify weather. They also contain heavy metals and other chemicals that are extremely toxic to the human body. See video below...



Do not mistake chem-trails for con-trails. Con-trails evaporate in seconds whereas chem-trails linger and expand. See the short, chem-trails vs con-trails video below...



Here's some links that may help you combat illnesses caused by chemicals in water and our food supply.


NOTE: Fluoride was first used in water supplies by the Nazi's during WWII



NOTE: I am not a doctor. I am in no way giving medical advice. I am encouraging people to do their own independent research only.


At some point you have to stop and think, "Why are people putting toxins in our food and water supply? Its not for you're oral heath, we've already proven that flouride rots your teeth and kills brain cells and Its not because the only way to feed seven billion souls is to grow fruits and vegetables in a lab, we have entire nations starving to death so those excuses have to be to rest. And you mean to tell me that we can put men in space but we cannot build massive state of the art green houses in the empty and wide open desserts? Stop all of that, no more excuses, no more fear of the truth that sits openly right in front of your face.

In previous articles I have written about the top of the pyramid, the secret societies that have taken over our planet and our birthright to her wealth. We all know they are out there working hard to finish us off, what I do not understand is; why do we fear them? Why fear those who live in fear of you?

They know who and what you are, the problem is that you do not. They live in fear every day that you might wake up the fact that life is not about competing against your fellow man and woman in the work place. It's not about green paper and the merry-go-round of insanity that I like to call Work, Eat, Sleep & Repeat. It's not about Red State versus Blue State, liberal verses conservative, black verses white or my god verses your god.

Its about the fact that we are one unstoppable race of beings who incarnated here to learn and experience unconditional love.


I wrote in The Profit$ of Terror that the dark ones have been defeated. I honestly believe they have been. Still there is much work that needs to be done before we can experience a new and real reality. The many must wake up from the dream state they have been living in. They must understand and accept that there is so much more about this beautiful planet and Universe that we live in, and that they have absolutely nothing to be afraid of.

Knowledge must be gained and shared without fear of ridicule. We have been provided with great assistance but we still must do our part.

This planet must be and will be transformed from a killing field to Angela's Garden... the Garden of Angels.


- Christopher Knight



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