1. Earth

From the recordings Earth - PBUH and PBUH


Earth/ this is the world/ this is the place/ this is the time where we will die/ this is the world/ this is the end/ this is the time for us to war/ this is the now/ this is the place/ the is the choice that we will make/ just save your life/ take it (money), cuz this is what you die for/ this is divine/ this is the seed from what you sow/ Everything you ever wanted/ living in a big glass ball/Is this what you said you'd die for?/ Set em up and watch em fall/ War/ this is time/ this is the out/ this is the place where we drop bombs/ outside of the land/ down on iraq/ take all the friggin oil that you want/ this is the time/ this is the place/ show these people what you want/ this is the time/ these are the flowers/ thanks for looking/ they dropped dead/ everything you ever wanted/ in a big glass ball/ war/ here/ war/ land/ now/ us/ war/ us/ war/ now/ fight/ war/ war/ war/ NOW.Blood, oil, blood , oil.