In The 1950's


I have a friend that I love dearly. She is interested in a lot of things Adam writes and ‘brogs’ about but as a single mother who works hard at home as well as the office, she really does not…


No More Power



We might even have to pump water?  What?  Say it ain’t so!  How horrifyingly grim for us!

How would we dress ourselves in the morning?  How would we even know when morning was?

Here’s a better idea:

One day we…


3-2-1-GO! A Modern Day Carnivale


The lights are still flashing before my eyes, hours later.  The clinking of money and the joyous shrieks still ring in my ears.  The effervescent conversation and the never-ending giving up of one’s wealth for the promise of more wealth…


Censuses Are Gay


So I received, in the mail, my 2nd reminder census form. Obviously, I had already received my original census form and its subsequent 1st reminder. My first response, upon sifting through my daily mail and coming across this 2nd reminder…


April 28th Early Dismissal


To Whom It May Concern,


I am a parent of two 7th graders in St. Catharines, ON. I’m writing to express my disappointment in and bewilderment at the action taken by school officials to evacuate the building on Thursday, April…


My Words


Nothing’s as bad as you think.  It can always get worse.  Everything can be worked out.

Don’t waste your energy on jealousy, grudges, petty grievances, or prejudices.  Why bother?

Don’t have tunnel vision.  In a week, a month, a year,…


CEW's The New Spanking


An eleven year old was girl tasered at school by a law enforcement officer as a method used to stop a ‘violent temper tantrum’ from happening seems a little extreme. Actually, it seems and is downright excessive, whether called for…


Sky Is Green, Grass Is Blue


I find it both relieving and disheartening that the people who live in the residence I work at speak nothing of the World’s calamities and tragic disasters and potential world domination by human brutality, natural affliction or the perfectly timed…


Special Guest Pilot


You should have a ‘guest spot’ on your website every once in a while....a little piece of writing (with or without pics), from someone proficient in the English language and with something worthy to say on the odd topic.  You…