Becoming Like Water - Dissolving The Kingdom


Hello beautiful souls,


This is an important message downloaded for you during my personal meditations this last while;


We are doing the work, and have been doing the work. 

The shadow work, the inside work, all of the work. 

Some of it has been tough.

Some of it has been easy. 

Like building tolerance or muscle over time - the lightweights of old seem like child's play. 


As you may be able to tell, the custodians of this realm are responding to us waking up. 

The walls and bars of the realm seem to be getting closer and closer.

And as dark as it may seem to be getting, we know that this is how it was always to be. 


The contractions are getting stronger and the birthing process is about to give way to a new birth. 

I know you've heard and know these things but I have decided to publish a new vision... 



Us and those like us have been working towards "Exiting The Matrix" for some time now. We were woke and heading towards the Exit. 

Some of us were intent on staying and improving the Matrix. Some reasoned that we should do our best to improve the house we're in before we leave it.


Remember the 2020 vibes? Remember how 2020 was going to be lit? 

How did we know that? 
We all knew but how? 

We were not wrong. The best is yet to come. These dark days are leading somewhere. The new thing is about to be born. It will indeed be lit. But how? 

This is the vision I want to share. 


No one gave me this, and I'm not copying this down from anyone elses notes. 

Instead of making this place better as best we can, I feel we are outgrowing it. The walls feel like they're closing in for that reason. 



It's not our destiny to fix up this place forever. The time for renovations of this old house are coming to an end. 

Like sandcastles on the beach, we all, collectively, together with our Higher Selves and consciousness - we are changing this reality. We are deciding a new thing. 

And this is it, that instead of one by one exiting the Matrix - we are completely dissolving the Matrix. 


Us and those like us will cause this entire common reality to shift into something new. 

We are not helping the old gods to spruce their farm up anymore. We're moving out of dads house and doing something ourselves. 

These bodies will change, and have changed. And so will this entire realm. 


We are outgrowing this place, so we shall dissolve it entirely. No more tests, no more judgments, no more heavens and hells, preachers and teachers. Enough is enough. 

We shall dissolve this entire creation and leave only the truth to remain - that we are all living beings in a social commons ground. 

We incarnated into this realm of someone else's design - and never before has it been done like this, but we are doing it nonetheless. 


We aren't waiting to make a deal anymore. We aren't waiting for angels or devil's to intervene. We are collapsing and dissolving this entire reality. Leaving only the truth and pure love to remain. 

This is what is happening. This is the vision. 


This is why the system is cranky 

This is why things seem so dark. 


Join me and those like me in this vision and in daily meditation. 

We are dismantling the whole apparatus from inside. Like a sandcastle washed away - we are withdrawing our energy and consent from this realm. 


Never before has it been done 

Yet we will it, and this will be something amazing to live through. 

We will be told it is impossible, and we definitely will be messed with. They'll try to stop us, but our strength isn't here in their system. Their system won't even exist soon. 


Join us, and let's do this. 

We're done with fear, done with attachments to this place. Done trying to improve a flawed design. We are onto better things. 

We mustn't be worried about these bodies - they will become a new vessel. We will see each other as we really are. 


And we will decide a new fate. 
Let it be so. 


We can make this happen and are making it happen. 

This is the vision. 

The 2020 vibes are back. 
Come what may. 
None shall stop us on our journey. 


🗝️Here's the keys make this happen. 

Two daily meditations: 

🙏One, for yourself. To exit through the doorway. 

The #1111meditation 
Every day at 11:11 your local time. 

🙏Two, for this realm, the new 2020 Vision I shared: 

Everyday at 2020 hours, military time.

Meditations don't need hashtags, but I'm sharing these to let you see for yourself that we've already been knowing & already been doing the work for years. 

This is what it was leading towards. These are the 'big guns'. 

It's time. 
Become like water. 
Dissolve the kingdom.