The Morning Banana Show #76 COVID-19 Updates with Civilian X

Hello again everyone, 


My last Morning Banana Show was also about the COVID-19 situation, and you can watch it here: The Morning Banana Show #75 Coronavirus

I feel like a lot has happened in two weeks, so I wanted to do an update on this topic. 


I'm not one for constantly saying the same things over and over, and I'd rather not be in this position, but I feel like for the people (I know you're out there) who listen to me (for whatever reason) I wanted to let them know where my head is at. 


My friend Civilian X from the Southern United States joins us today to discuss things from his point of view. 


The YouTube video runs about 20 minutes long - if you'd like to join us for the after-party (where we loosened up a bit) then you'll have to watch the remaining half hour on the Periscope Livestream


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