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Special Guests

Special Guest Pilot


You should have a ‘guest spot’ on your website every once in a while....a little piece of writing (with or without pics), from someone proficient in the English language and with something worthy to say on the odd topic.  You know, like as in a newspaper of sorts.  You get 100% rights to edit material for content, style and grammar...and contributors get to see their name in lights and maybe use your platform as a bed for their written repertoire.


Music, world news, visual arts, useless trivia, parenting, local agendas, scientific name it, they’ll write it J

- Fi


Well I won't take any credit or "rights", but I do like your idea Fiona! Let it be as you say. Let there be Special Guests! If you want your blurb or what have you here, email it to with whatever jpegs and links you want attached, and we'll see what we can do about getting your thoughts a home in cyberspace...