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No More Power



We might even have to pump water?  What?  Say it ain’t so!  How horrifyingly grim for us!

How would we dress ourselves in the morning?  How would we even know when morning was?

Here’s a better idea:

One day we wake up, all of us, to quiet.  One day we all wake up whenever we wake up.  And we all get to work when we get there.  We do what we need to do there, within the timeframes given us that day, and then our relief takes over to continue where we left off while we travel back home to our very local house, (local, of course because transportation is our feet).  

We pull something from our garden and eat it along with the food we have in our stores.  We create heat from the fires we make.  We come together with the family gathered in our home that day.  We grow our own nourishment.  We entertain ourselves.  Music, art and words are our lives outside of the ‘work day’.  

Our ‘work day’ is basic, important and necessary to our lives beyond work.  Our ‘family’ (those who share our home), includes those non-blood relative individuals to whom we are generationally or exceptionally beholden for things like tools, experience, love, humour or any other needed aspect of life.

And we are living in the dark ages again, yet now we can see the future.  And we still choose to live without the possibility of man-made power.  


‘Cause it’s pretty good in comparison to what we have now.


 - Fiona Weaver

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