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Special Guests

3-2-1-GO! A Modern Day Carnivale


The lights are still flashing before my eyes, hours later.  The clinking of money and the joyous shrieks still ring in my ears.  The effervescent conversation and the never-ending giving up of one’s wealth for the promise of more wealth still abuse my senses.  

Am I caught in the vicious circle they are caught in?  Are my abused senses crying out for more abuse?  Are they, the general public, my new community and is my new ambassador my own self’s masochism?  

I can admit, without preamble, that I COULD BE a willing participant.  I cannot engage so far into these behaviours that I become one, but I love it!  Once in a blue moon, to cruise through the carnival, can be something sublime.  And to love something sublimely, means never judging it, hating it or trying to reason it into your own way of thinking.

To put oneself out and into the open, to expose oneself through obvious need, greed, desire or what have you doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing!  Everything in moderation, right?  At the casino, moderation is key... as in life.  At first inspection most of the gamblers would seem rigidly devoted to their craft however, upon lingering observation one might see the odd, fellow, tentative player just trying it out, or just lightly gambling.

Along with the airy atmosphere, the loud windowless, clock-less place could be reminiscent of a Twilight Zone episode.  Or of a Carnival.  Night and day are the same there.  Though night time crowds are typically less reserved (as they are anywhere), and though my experiences  in casinos (two in ten years) have only been in the p.m., I would have to assume that die-hard VIP’ers live in a perpetual state of relativity at the casino, regardless of the hour.

If they’re breathing and they’re there, they’re gaming.  If they’re thirsty, there are refreshments... if they’re hungry, there is food.... if they’re tired, and there is ample oxygen to rejuvenate the senses, they’re staying.

So basically, for anyone intrigued by the whole notion but not yet given the opportunity to experience it, the casino is a wonderland, a city of sorts, ripe for the questionable and the spectator in you.  Like a playground to be played upon in all sorts of ways.  It’s like a big bar, with extra walking space, no closing times and only one distraction; gambling... oh, and there's free pop.  Gotta love the incentives :)

- Fiona Weaver


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