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Turning 37


Well hello there!


It's definitely been a minute. 

Last blog found me moving Désirée and the kids back to Ontario during the Fredericton Flood of 2018. 

Thank you for all your support through that time. Even though the donations were few, we are thankful, and we used the money wisely. 


So I'm happy to report we are living in the new house! 


Outside of that, and what with getting a little older, I decided 5 years was enough, and gave my notice to the Technician job I was working in the GTA. Call me crazy, but cutting my commute time from 2 hours minimum a day to 10 minutes total was an improvement.


Still have lots of love for everyone there, and who knows - we may wind up working together in the future on something I may or may not be planning. 


Sure there are ways they could have kept me working up there, but I don't think my future was there anyway, regardless of me being paid more or not. 


So Adam is back at the family business. 

We moved the whole headquarters and shop after finding a good deal - so now I have this huge spot all to myself. 




I've been trying to avoid going back to the chicken restaurants, but things break and sometimes it's just best that I go take care of it myself, but so far in the last few months I've only been at the restaurants a few times. No major Vegan stress. 


Turning 37 this Friday, and I'm happy to report that it's mostly all good news. 



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