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The Grand Con of Globalism


Every other con lay within the larger con of convincing the masses they live on a closed system, a ball, a globe.


Globalisms prerequisite is the Globe. If you believe in it, one gives the other power. It is a religion, a beLIEf system. One of many long-term goals of the Globalists is a One World Order, with a One World Army.


None of this can happen without a Globe, and a symbol of unity signaling a common understanding of what these boundaries for the "One World" are. State-approved, Globalist-approved Space agencies can and do exist in this model.


Space Travel being traveling OUTSIDE of the Globalists Globes boundaries, ie: outside of the boundaries of the Antarctic. Beyond the Antarctic. Tint the picture red, and now a land beyond the Antarctic becomes Mars. All images strictly controlled.


And now you begin to see the beginnings of the new World Wars, battle for the planets, and the motivation for a One World Army, One World Religion.


All unified under the control of the Globalists image - the Globe.


Wake up oh sleeper. There's more land.


Wake up. Earth is flat.