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So Long 2016


Haven't been keeping my website updated, and for that I apologize. 

Like everyone else, I've been working and spending time with my family, and squeezing out whatever free time I have to do other things than blog. 

But as the year ends I figure I would put a bow on it here. 


I quit Twitter

It's silly but I had enough. So that's that. With 60,000 followers (some of them bots) I will retire my use of that website and app. I will link this article from my Twitter account as my last tweet. 


I can't even begin to explain how irritated I am with Twitter ownership and management. They kicked so many good people off of Twitter, the tip of the iceberg is Clint Eastwood and Milos Yiannopoulos. Research TwitterGate and PizzaGate to find out more. It's not just silly conspiracy theories, and it pissed me off enough to call it quits after 6 years. 


I was never naive enough to consider Twitter a public space and therefore fall under the category of a Free Speech Zone, so I don't have any time to argue about freedom of speech on someone elses website. I'll just take my presence elsewhere and that's that. 



So I searched for a bit and found Gab, and quickly got off Gab. I'll caution anyone getting into that boat from the larger sinking Twitter boat - both Gab and Twitter will wind up in the same Ocean once they start sinking. Gab is no different, read the TOS, they spell it out right there. I don't even care enough to copy and paste the TOS, that's how little I care about Gab right now. 


So moving on, I basically thought I'd just come back to posting on my own website - but truth be told, I don't want to constantly post on my website - I prefer to wait until I have something to say to a larger audience here. And my audience is still averaging a few hundred unique hits a day - which is surprising to me, a guy who works as a technician and does everything else for free online. 


Continuing my search, I wound up creating a community called VEGANS R US - and I will apologize right here and tell you it's really for Vegans only. It's not that I don't love you anymore, it's that my time is limited and I'd rather spend what free time I have encouraging and socializing online with fellow Vegans than a bunch of assholes on Twitter. Assholes is being polite by the way.

I could go on, but I digress.



Outside of all that, work's been good. The kids are good, Désirée is good. 


Other than all that I've recorded a few new songs this year. You can check out my YouTube Channel here


New songs this year are Singing Aliens, Touch, Lullabies, and I had Helpless by Neil Young stuck in my head for a week straight so I recorded that too. 


I also started and quickly stopped a Podcast. Adam don't have time for a Podcast. Before I stopped doing that I recorded a few original songs there too, this one is hilarious - It's Vegan.




In other news, I made a YouTube Channel for the family, which we hardly ever update. The Royal Vegans


We were able to get out to the cottage in PEI this year, that was fun. Other than that, we've been to Piebird Vegan Farmstay, and that's about it for travels this year. 


Let's see, what else? Oh, my guy won the US election! Yeah that's right, I was hoping either Zoltan Istvan or Donald Trump would win, and I knew that Zoltan is a pipedream so realistically - my guy won. Suck it up losers. Get used to winning!


Alright! Well have a great year, you know I don't celebrate Christmas and couldn't really care much less about New Years. 


So long 2016!


Here's my So Long 2015 blog, if you're keeping tabs on these.