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Shock & Awe Vs. Expectation


My dad always says that he doesn't read the paper or watch the news, because he doesn't want to be depressed. I suppose that's the choice, isn't it? We can close our eyes and cover our ears, or face life with eyes wide open and ears attentive. To me, it's hard to find things like pop-stars lives, gossip shows, toothpaste commercials, car commercials, and even my work interesting, when what's happening in the world right now is happening. We are living in a time now where information about conflicts and deaths from the other side of the world can reach us in real-time, and usually with video.

How are we as a people supposed to react to problems overseas? Imagine, if you can, you are ruler on an island. You have developed this islands infastructure to your tastes, you have allowed immigrants of your choosing, and you enforce laws that you passed by whatever means you decided. Imagine now that a neighbouring island is at war. What do you do? You have a vast list of problems of your own, but still, on this other island people are dying. What do you do? Send money? Who will that feed? Send food? Does that stop bullets? Sell bullets to them? Send an army? Does that stop fighting? Do nothing? Can you hold your head high if you do nothing? Now imagine how small our galaxy looks from a million light years away in space. Imagine the other galaxies with their planets and suns and moons.

Now come on back here to earth. This is where we all live, and being that this is where we all live, these problems are our problems. Some people, most people I know in fact, can shrug off overseas conflicts as "over there" type problems. Is that the answer, to focus more on my own life and problems and ignore others? To me it seems that this would be exactly what the money-machine we serve would like. Keep buying, keep consuming. Business as usual. Personally I am trying to figure out the balance between my concern and interest for other people vs. my interest in my own life.

On one hand, you'd think people who express concern with what is currently happening in the world would try and move the earth to stop what they are concerned over. I'm thinking about some wealthy people I know who have expressed concern in the rising death toll in Gaza, doesn't their inaction say more than their words? Doesn't the fact that they are continuing life as they know it show that they really don't care at all? Or is our collective expectation of global unrest outweighing our shock and awe? Get a different viewpoint than the one being fed to you. I suggest : Typing these things doesn't fix the immediate problem.

The Biggest Problem


If I really wanted to. If I really wanted to I could live in a vacuum. If I really wanted to, I could stop fixating on the troubles around me and isolate myself from them but, when all is said and done, it's not so much as where I am as the skin I'm in. People run here and there, "the west is better", "the east is better", for some it will always be better wherever they aren't. I could move to an island and live out my days, not worrying about what troubles the world has, not thinking " I wonder what's going on in politics", or " I wonder how so and so is doing". I could, and so could you. Would it be escape? Would it be retirement? Would completely getting off "the grid" be accepting defeat? Some people, in their later years long for peace and quiet, and move out to the boonies and live out the rest of their days. Is doing that at an age that isn't socially acceptable as retirement age okay? Whose to say. Right? If I long to be able to live in peace, and to enjoy life, I may very well have to remove myself from this planet. And even if I could do that, it doesn't get rid of my biggest problem - me.

Necessary Colours


Sometimes the world seems polluted to me. Sometimes it seems that we have given free reign to all our selfish thoughts and are now seeing the manifestation of the result of having no restraint. I can see it everywhere. We have inherited lies from our forefathers and their forefathers also. This time of year I see the physical manifestation of spiritual darkness and sometimes it seems overwhelming. So I ask YHWH, my spiritual Father, to help me see things the way He sees them, and to encourage me in these times. I know for certain that things will get worse before they get better.

We can try to correct things in our own lives and start trying to be less selfish and prideful in our own way but humans are prone to self-preservation, and some people take that further than food and shelter. To me it seems that selfishness is a major root of a litany of the globes problems, and as much as I'm waiting to see the end of capitalism on our own continent, I'm not anxious to see what follows. Understanding a problem isn't a solution. Understanding world problems doesn't fix them, and being able to comprehend the various facets of global issues doesn't stop a gun from being fired, or put food on a plate. Being able to express your opinions on world events doesn't stop them from happening. We have been fed lies from youth, and are taught to embrace them as truth. In this time, in this place - darkness is passed off for light. I can't force the world to change, and I can't make people less selfish. What I can do is mend my own ways and hope that others do the same, knowing full well that in the last days wars will be only the beginning of the troubles to come.

It's the type of thing that almost makes you want to sleep forever. In a sense, sleeping is what a lot of humanity is doing, in my estimation. I trust in the end, those who are left standing will see the past as a necessary evil, and as part of a painting that needed these certain colours but, sometimes it's hard to know the end and not be there yet. Life on earth is a vapour. Endless amounts of humans have come before me and will come after me. Appreciating what part of history I am involved in is a nice project but, affecting change for the better in me and those around me would be more worthwhile than the graffiti of selfish ambition. No one and nothing can stop the great master plan of YHWH from it's completion ( it's going to be the coolest thing you've ever seen ) - not even me or you. We are going to come into a time where you won't be able to access your money (That's not cool at ALL!).

Whatever you have stored in the way of paper or electronic money will be useless to you. You may be able to barter for a while but in the end, the farmer and the family with fields and livestock will be the ones ahead of this horrible curve. Unfortunately these farmers won't be able to keep up with the demand of those pressing around them and we will eventually self-implode. Paper money has no value other than what we give it, same as gold, silver, diamonds, or credit. How much money do you have when your assets are frozen? How much bread can you buy with paper that no one wants? The solution that will be offered, or forced, may be lead to the worst time in history ever imaginable.

To be blunt, when your government suggests/forces a microchip (google VERI chip) on you that will allow you to continue to access personal medical and financial information - KNOW that your decision to reject or accept it will be of grave importance. It won't be a great time to be around whether it's in my lifetime or not. The party era is coming to an end, and those people who have built their entire existence on sand foundation will be the ones who will be left wanting, in every sense of the word. By all means you can continue in the party era and ignore any warnings, either way nothing changes. I suppose your actions now depend on if you care about your future or not. Your window of opportunity to mend your ways, and turn back to what matters is closing.

The Jerks


One of the first bands I fronted. I was 13. About 14 years ago! hahah. Take it in. Laugh it up. Believe me, I know how much it sucks. Haha.

Panik - Detroit Rock City


At first we laughed our asses off at the idea of doing this...but the more we play it, the less we laugh. Anyway, this was at the Liquid Lounge in Brantford.

I'm on drums, if you didn't already know.