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Fredericton Floods


So if you're watching Canadian news you might have heard about the flooding happening right now in Fredericton. 

My girlfriend Désirée was renting a house out that way that is now under some water. 


The flood waters are up to her knees while she is standing in the basement. 


Needless to say, this has sped up my timeline for buying a house (I have been working on buying a house), so I'm happy to report I currently have the keys in my hand for a new place - and I guess it couldn't have happened sooner!


Meanwhile, if you feel able, we have set up a spot to donate to - as she didn't have Insurance on her belongings and we just found out the area she was renting in was zoned as a Flood Zone anyway, so she probably wouldn't have ever been able to get any significant insurance on the place. 

What's done is done, and now she's in a pretty big pickle. With the two kids. 

Thankfully she has made some friends that are helping her with a spot to stay until I had somewhere for her to move to. 


Follow the situation on her Twitter