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Autumn Leaves

Well, its been 2 months since I announced here that I am working on a new CD. I sit here in my office, sunburnt, lobster red and sore from my weekend of fun at the beach - to tell you that its going ok. I have 10 songs that I officialy WANT on the CD. So we're good. I think I'll wait till I have 12 or 13 though. Wont be much longer till the demo is complete. As far as recording goes.... I'll record them myself as usual, but.. after that I am going to take them to a studio and re-record the whole album. This is the plan, at least. Justine's studio is out of the question now... for a variety of reasons. Suffice it to say - I wont be recording Autumn Leaves at Justine Vickerys place. Thats about all I have to say. The CD will feature songs such as : A Chaos In Fire, I'll Wait, Hollywood Afterburn, Everclear, Alone, and Oh We're Worth It. YaY!