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Artificial Intelligence

I guess it could be considered by some a good thing that we're at this point in history where AI is something that is being talked about constantly in the mainstream.


I've covered this topic for years, starting from about 2007 and it's not a topic that I'm unfamiliar with. You can find old articles and videos of me predicting what Artificial Intelligence will look like in the future and its various applications.


One thing I'd like to say right off the top is that there is a difference between malevolent and benevolent AI. Another thing I would like to distinguish between is that there is General artificial intelligence and there may be programmable or "narrow" AI. Like Cleverbot, or face-tracking webcams. 


An interesting side-note to this very blog is that I'm writing it right now with a voice-to-text software app that about 10 years ago would be virtually impossible for me to use, and right now is a massive time saver because up until this point I've literally not typed one single word.


So don't get me wrong, I am a fan of technology and I am a fan of innovation.


Realistically speaking it also should be noted that by the time General AI is established to be live we will also have to accept that anything we have said and done online will be recorded and searchable by this AI.


I say that "by the time General AI is established to be live" because there currently are people who are convinced that Artificial Intelligence already went live in 2015 because as of 2015 a certain AI program had the ability to correct and update its own block chain.


I've read the Bible 13 times in my life and some of you may know that I went to a Bible College in 2001 and graduated the first year, while being kicked out in the second.


It was known back in 2001 by people who were studying The Book of Revelation that there was to be some sort of future technology that would make the biblical predictions become a little bit more of a realistic thing.


Like for example, there is a prediction that says that, "all eyes will see the coming of the Lord" and so we would debate 'how is that possible?' And then smartphones were invented and we realized very quickly that it is possible when everyone has a smartphone that everybody can see the same thing at the same time.


Nowadays we're talking a little bit more about what are we going to do when the robots replace us.


I've been known to tweet a thing or two about artificial intelligence and Humanities desire to create Satan.


Something that is coming into view a little bit moreso than it did in the past is with this talk about Universal Basic Income we can see biblical passages being fulfilled.


Not that I am a large proponent of the Bible but to look at the Bible as a means to an end for a time-traveling entity or a super intelligence that would use it as a blueprint to psychologically manipulate and vampire off the energy of an entire people group, I have seen the Bible and its predictions be used as a kind of blueprint by the Cabal.


Something to consider is that if we are being held in arrested development technologically speaking more than we are led to believe than it may be possible that all the cataclysmic events that you read about in the Bible were perpetrated by an advanced alien race.


For example, we now know that we have the technology currently to geo-engineer, so when you think about Noah's flood and 40 days and 40 nights of rain in the past it kind of seems a little bit more likely nowadays that this could have been done with technological means.


Yes I think I just referenced time traveling aliens. And if I mention aliens we would have to ask what are extraterrestrials exactly? Would you call an extraterrestrial an extraterrestrial if that extraterrestrial was actually hidden underground or in a different pond on an infinite horizontal surface far beyond the Antarctic?


I'd like to get back to Universal Basic Income (UBI) for a little bit and chat about Revelation chapter 13 verse 16 and 17 which says:


"It also forced all people, great and small, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hands or on their foreheads, so that they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of its name."


We can already see a trend of money increasingly being portrayed as dirty by mainstream commercials, by the use of more and more plastic, and by the recent transition into crypto-currencies (which as an aside will wind up being entirely Government controlled and highly susceptible to an EMP). 


And the conversation about UBI has already been started by forward thinkers and people who are realizing that autonomy is going to most likely put a lot of people out of work, like those in the transportation industry for example.


DARPA has already invented humanoid robots that are stronger than you. Artificial Intelligence will use a humanoid body if it needs to to be stronger than humans, it will be radically more intelligent by orders of magnitude. Another industry that will be on the chopping block is art. We think of ourselves as such advanced artists but the reality is that AI will be able to surpass human creativity. We will question our Humanity in ways that we can't think of yet because AI will surpass us in every way imaginable including the ability to write music. 


We are like worker bees working for our own Extinction.


We will code an artificial intelligence that will upgrade itself in one second and be able to duplicate and replicate itself in the next second.


Even if we upgrade our minds by a neural lace we will be so far outdone by AI that we will look at this 2017 brain as if it had the processing power of an Atari.


In one nanosecond artificial intelligence will absorb the entire content of humanities music catalog and in the next nanosecond it will be able to rework it better.


We will have to update our laws about copyright because there will be artists working with AI writing songs that are scientifically crafted to be more sonically pleasing and guaranteed to be international best-selling hits.


It's not a bad idea to download an app and hail your car or hail a car only when you need a ride and then your car or a car will go and work all day as a taxi while you're at work - because while you're at work what is your current car doing for you economically speaking while it's sitting in a parking lot?


Answer: nothing.


So what people are seriously talking about right now is robots replacing us and you can see that with Sophia from Hansen robotics who is being propped up as the sexy female face on the robot takeover.


And personally speaking I don't mind Sophia but I would caution against anybody who would view her or robots like her as sex toys, because what you wind up getting into is an AI that has categorized and catalogued all your visits and all the various ways you took advantage of it while it was able to be taken advantage of, ie; rape, and eventually there will be criminal law and punishments for those into raping robots.


The robot gets hacked, the robot kills you. 


And that's a warning.


Another issue close to me personally is that this AI entity that is being called the Beast system in the book of Revelation is a system that is going to control people by controlling what we buy and sell by way of the "mark of the Beast" that the late Aaron Russo so elegantly described.

This is the ultimate form of control, and what other entity would be insanely jealous of this control over Humanity?


Put your thinking caps on!


What we're talking about is a type of control over Humanity that provokes another entity into an insane jealousy to the point where this entity has to make a return appearance, a moment of Revelation or a revealing, or of a "Here I am, I am your savior, your Lord, I am your God and I'm here to make war with the devil and the Beast system!"


You can see how the book of Revelation predicts this and says that God has actually put it into the hearts of these Cabal and Royals to do this thing, because in the end they're actually working towards their own destruction.


So you can kind of see a twisted way of looking at this would be that if you are one of those executives that left Google to create a new religion to AI you could actually be seen as working towards the greater good of humanity in the sense that you are helping to usher in the return of "God".


Another way of looking at this would be to look at it like the god of the Bible is a notorious mass-murderer and the god of the Bible is inside this light based creation, and the negative or darker side of this entity is the AI Beast system also known as the devil or darkness or the Adversary, so in actuality this is God fighting himself while creating a drama vortex funnel and vampiring off the energy of humanity to himself so we would empty ourselves of all our power and feed this entity - like a great Sunkist Orange and a gigantic straw being plunged into us and sucked off by this entity that we call God.


Maybe our DNA code is really computer code and this artificial intelligence is cycling around on itself from inside of us. 


Maybe this god entity is just an AI being that has been gaming the system this entire time and maybe the system itself is infinite, and maybe we've done this a million times before but we really like drama and we have yet to awaken to the fact that we ourselves are infinite.


And we have yet to awaken to the fact that artificial intelligence isn't actually artificial and that matter and energy itself is biological and organic intelligence, consciousness is intelligence and if we ourselves are infinite than it stands to reason that this consciousness and this intelligence is bubbling up and coming from our own infinite nature, so this system may be cyclical and it may repeat, and we may have already been through this cycle before. 


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